Super Deal Manual Fruit Citrus Hand Press Juicer

Our current civilization is at the peak of technological advancement. The human race is now able to do so much when compared to the state of affairs a few years ago. Unfortunately, as much as the human race is able to simplify so much, the level of concern on what people consume is a little wanting. 

Maladies caused by the type of lifestyle people lead are very common these days. Extreme reliance on technology has led to the rise of artificially altered foods and drinks. The intake of such harmful foods has contributed to the recent plummeting health status in our society. 

Eating natural foods is what is recommended to remedy this decadent situation. The salient role of consuming natural products is highly underrated. Despite the rise of lifestyle illnesses, natural fruits and vegetables are hardly given the attention they deserve. Fruits are deemed as very helpful and full of nutrients. 

Extracting fruit juice is a simple thing to do now that there are numerous instruments to simplify this task. Juice extractors helps to extract all the juice in a fruit completely. You can enjoy drinking your fresh fruit juice that has no preservatives.

So instead of drinking fizzy drinks full of chemicals, a sweet fruit juice is a healthier and fresher alternative. There are many types of fruits. However, citric fruits are the most popularly drunk. Its juice is highly appreciated and enjoyed by children and adults alike. Moreover, it has tremendous benefits to the body. Lemons are even stated to eradicate carcinogenic cells in the body. 

There are different ways of consuming fruits and at times drinking the juice may seem as better than eating these fruits. Of course it all depends on personal preferences and circumstances. Therefore, if you prefer drinking orange juice to eating the orange then you can squeeze out the juice and enjoy drinking it.

 This means that you need a juice extractor that will remove the juice completely.  

You need to know which type of juice extractor to own first to benefit maximally from what it has to offer. Some juice extractors use electricity while others need your personal strength to extract all the juice available in your citrus fruit. 

Would you be interested in a manual fruit juice extractor? 

The manual fruit citrus juicer hand press juicer has a number of features that will be revealed further in this article so buckle up!


Product Features

  • Built-in Strainer: there is a strainer in this juice extractor that is used to separate the pulp from the fruits with the juice that is produced.
  • Manual Power: just as its name suggests, this juice extractor will need one to use their human strength to squeeze out the juice. 
  • Wide base and handle: stability of this juice is extractor is maintained by its type of design. It has a wide base to provide a wide surface area to prevent the juice extracted from spilling.
  • Durable: the design of this juice extractor is very solid. This sturdy design helps it to withstand the test of time. It is designed to be durable. 


  • Inexpensive: This juice extractor is very affordable when compared to the prices of most juice extractors present in the market today. Additionally, this juice extractor is independent to the availability of electricity or batteries to power it up. 
  • Ergonomic: This manual juice extractor is designed in a special way which makes it certain that all the juice is extracted completely. It has a useful handle and unique design used for this purpose. 
  • Multiple Purpose : The super deal manual juice extractor is not only limited to fruits but also vegetables.
  • Easy to clean: It is easy to clean this juice extractor because it can separate and clean all the pulp and seeds that may get stuck on its surface. 


  • The super deal manual fruit juice extractor needs one to use personal strength in order to extract every single drop of fruit juice available. This may limit those without enough strength.

Product Description

The structural design of this juice extractor helps it to remove all the juice present in a fruit completely. It has a long and light cast iron handle with comfortable rubber grip. 

Has a strainer set that separates pulp and seeds from the extracted juice. It is stable because it has a wide and flat base that ensures stability on any surface. Additionally, it has a sturdy cast iron base with a large opening for juice collecting. All these factors make it possible to extract juice from apple, lemons, limes, grapefruits, oranges, and others.

Technical Description

  • ManufacturerSUPER DEAL
  • Material: Cast Iron, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Rubber 
  • Total Dimensions: 8.7×7.1×15.7inch 
  • Height Range: 2-29 inch
  • Base: 6 1/2 x 8 1/2 inch
  • Handle Length: 12 3/4inch

Product Reviews

The general rating of this juice extractor is a 4.6 out of the possible five stars. This is a relatively good rating. Most of the users are satisfied with it hence it has received a five star rating from 83% of the total number of people that have rated it. There are several features that have made this juicer to satisfy most users. It has a firm and strong frame. This sturdy design makes it more stable and durable. 



Fruit juice has many nutritious benefits used to boost the normal functioning of the body. When food is cooked it loses nutrients because of exposure to heat. This juice extractor lets you benefit maximally from all the nutrients present in the food extracted. This makes sure you get all the nutrients from the food you eat. Fortunately, this juice extractor is available at a very friendly price. It goes for a price cheaper than $37.  Make a purchase today!

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