Gourmia Electric Citrus Juicer

Nutritionists emphasize that you are what you eat. Unfortunately, the majority of people hardly pay attention to what they consume. Fast food restaurants, genetically modified food, and beverages are some of the reasons why access to a balanced diet has really plummeted. This is the very reason why obesity is a major catastrophe in most cities. 

It is rather unfortunate how so many of us spoil our precious bodies with artificial beverages. Most of these are taken to refresh the body. However, the amount of chemical intake gradually piles up as you continually ingest artificially preserved drinks. 

Fruit juice is a healthier and fresher alternative as compared to these drinks. There are many types of fruits. However, citrus fruits are the most popularly drunk. Its juice is appreciated and enjoyed by children and adults alike. Moreover, it has tremendous health benefits to the human body. Lemons are even stated to eradicate the carcinogenic cells in the body. 

Extracting fruit juice is a simple thing to do now that there are gadgets to simplify this task. Juice extractors helps to extract all the juice in a fruit completely. You can enjoy drinking your fresh fruit juice that has no preservatives. It is imperative to observe the significant role played by what we consume. But let us just assume that you consume fruits regularly and you have several that are just about to go bad. You do not have to fret because this fruit juicer offers will help you extract its nutrients without creating a big mess. Storing your fruits as juice in a refrigerator will increase its lifespan.  

Since you now know how much we will gain from consuming fresh juice over artificial juice, what is the next step?

The next step to search around for the best citric juicer in the market. Having a personal juicer will save you endless trips to fresh juice fruit vendors. This process involves doing some window shopping to get to know which one really stands out from the many. Gourmia electric citrus juicer is among the best fruit juicer in the market. 

You may be in need of a citric juicer in your home but have no idea where to commence. This article will give you all the information about the Gourmia Electric Citrus Juicer to help you determine if it aligns with your list of needs.

Enumerated below is all the information about Gourmia Electric Citrus Juicer.  


Product Features

  • Powerful Monitor: This citric juicer has very powerful motor. It has a 120 Watts motor. 
  • Smartflo Filter: Smartflo filter system is easy to clean and virtually eliminates pits and pulp so you get to enjoy the juice and nothing but the juice.
  • Endless Possibilities: Smart Cone's optimized design delivers the most juice possible from the smallest lime to the largest orange or grapefruit.


  • Ergonomic: The manufacturer of this juicer is well versed in designing home appliances. This juicer is designed with a vivid thought process that has helped make sure juice is extracted with ease. The Gourmia electric citrus juicer has a firm handle made of rubber material. The purpose of this is to make sure its grip is strong enough. Its sprout is designed to avoid any spillages. 
  •  Ease of use: The Gourmia electric juicer has a simple design. It is easy to use it just by reading the attached instructions. 
  • Easy to clean: High hygiene levels are highly recommended especially in a sensitive area such as the kitchen. Kitchen gadgets should be easy to clean. The type of design created by these juicers is in such a way that cleaning will be an easy task. This juice extractor has no concealed grooves where some fruit material may fail to be washed away. This juicer’s parts can be separated to clean it. 
  • Scalable: Despite its small size, this citric fruit juicer has been modified to extract juice from many fruits. It extracts the juice in fruits completely and is relatively faster that most juicers present in the market. If you are an ardent drinker of fruit juice then you should consider this juicer. 

Product Description

This citric juice extractor helps to extract juice from your citric fruits in a jiffy. It has been technologically modified to offer optimal utility to its users. It has simple and small yet elegant design. It is equipped with 160 watts of ultra-quiet, direct-drive motor power. It has an immaculately efficient filtration system. It is has a juicing cone that has been crafted with absolute expertise and is used to maximize the amount of juice that is extracted. It is easy to handle the kettle along with the juice that is extracted. It has an ergonomic handle made of rubber which the proper texture to support a firm grip. The extracted juice is prevented from spilling of when being poured to another container which is because of its anti-drip sprout. This juicer is designed to reduce amount of friction generated and this helps to preserve the live enzymes, minerals, and vitamins in present in fruits. This design is meant to ascertain that people consume maximal nutrients with every sip of the extracted juice.

Technical Description

  • Product Dimensions6.5 x 7 x 11.8 inches
  • Item Weight5.85 pounds
  • ColorMetallic
  • Shipping Weight6.83 pounds
  • ManufacturerGourmia
  • ASINB00J72F1YC
  • Item model numberEPJ100
  • Material TypeNot applicable

Product Reviews

This juicer is rated 4.4 stars out the possible 5stars. The majority of its uses are pretty much impressed by it. That is why over 70% of the aggregate votes give it a five star rating. Most of the five stars rates emphasize on the product’s ease of installation and use. 



The Gourmia electric citrus juicer is among the best fruit juicers present in the market. Its design is elegant and able to juice several fruits within a few minutes.  All you have to do is to make a purchase and it will be delivered to your door step.

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