Breville Citrus Press Fruit Juicer

Although it may not be applicable to everyone, the majority of us would cherish a cold sweet drink to quench or thirst or simply refresh how we feel. A cold drink in a sunny weather feels like a touch of absolute bliss. It is sad that most of us resort to drinking fizzy drinks that are artificially induced and preserved. The continuous intake of such drinks over a long time has detrimental effects on people’s health status. 

Fruit juice is a healthier and fresher alternative as compared to these drinks. It is beneficial for both its sweet nature and its helpful effect on the body. There are many types of fruits. However, citrus fruits are the most popularly drunk. Its juice is highly appreciated and enjoyed by both children and adults. Moreover, it has tremendous health benefits to the human body.

 On this note, it is imperative to illuminate that some fruit drinks masquerade as natural but are artificially sweetened and preserved. You have to visit a fresh fruit juice vendor to get access a drink that is truly natural. This may prove difficult to some due to several limitations of circumstances such as distance and busy schedules. 

Having access to a juice extractor in your own kitchen is the optimal way to handle this situation. Owning one will help to prepare a fresh fruit drink from the comfort of your home with ease. 

Before deciding on the fruit juice extractor to settle on purchasing, collect all the relevant information. 

This article will focus on a brand of electric citrus juicer known as the Breville citrus press juicer.


Enumerated below are its features

Product Features

  • Dishwasher Safe: When you use this fruit juicer you can spend a significantly less time cleaning up. All the parts of this juicer are can be easily separated and cleaned with a dishwasher. All its integral parts can be separated and cleaned individually. All these parts are safe to be cleaned using a dishwasher. 
  • Magnetic Fruit Dome: This juice extractor has a magnetic dome that keeps its parts intact. The magnetic dome of this juicer is easy to remove and replace after cleaning. 
  • Universal Juicing Cone: The juicing cone of this fruit juicer is able to juice out all the juice that is available enabling you to comfortably drink juice from any citrus fruit you like.  This cone is also dishwasher safe 
  • The Citrus Press: There is a press used to squeeze fruits and is used for all types of citrus fruits. Finned juicing cone juices the all type of citrus fruits despite its size. All this can be achieved without the need to interchange the cones. This juicer can squeeze out juice from citrus fruit with ease even using a single hand for this task. There is a spout used to prevent the juice inside from spilling out. 
  • Non-Spillage Juice Spout: This juice extractor has a reliable and creative spout used to prevent the juice inside from spilling out on your working area and creating a mess
  • Dual-Switch Safety Switch: This juicer has a squeezing handle that is used to ascertain that some level of pressure requires to be exerted onto the citrus fruit and squeeze out all the fruit juice available. This switch is programmed in such a way that the cone is not able to spin until certain conditions are met. These conditions are that some downward pressure is applied the cone and the squeezing handle is lowered.


  • Affordable: The price of this juice extractor is quite fair as compared to what is most prevalent in the market. It is also cheap to use this juice extractor because it does not need any electric energy to function. The use of your bare hands will suffice in extracting all the fruit juice needed.
  • Easy to clean: The different parts of this juice extractor can be separated and be cleaned with ease. It is designed in a manner that makes it easy to get rid of pulp and seeds that may get stuck on grooves. When you use this fruit juicer you can spend a comparatively minimal amount of time cleaning. 
  • BPA free: The design of this juice extractor is made of plastic that has no BPA. This means that it has no negative effects on consumption. 


  • It has no drip spout. One has to flip it upwards at a fast rate to prevent the extracted drink from spilling. 

Product Description

This citrus fruit juicer has a juicing cone that is used to extract juice from all sizes of citrus fruits. You can easily drain out all the juice from you fruits without the need to interchange its cones. All the parts of this juicer can be separated to facilitate an easier cleaning process. All its individual parts are deemed as dishwasher safe, which means they will be relatively easy to clean up. This juicer is able to maximize on the amount of juice produced because it offers pressure and a level of grip that is used to make sure the amount of juice extracted in each instance is the maximum amount possible. This juicer has a motor that does not make sound during the extraction process. 

Technical Description

  • ManufacturerBreville


This juice extractor is used to manually extract juice from fruits manually by following these steps. It is modified to handle all sizes of citric fruits. Its design is elegant and able to juice several fruits within a short amount of time.  All you have to do is to make a purchase and it will be delivered to your door step. Grab one for yourself while stocks last. 

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